Facebook’s Fight Against Ebola

After making a $25 million donation last month, Mark Zuckerberg has created a way for others to donate to the fight against Ebola. Facebook now has a new button designed to make it easier for users to donate to charities that are battling the potentially lethal disease. Users can expect to see the new button…
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What to Expect from iOS 8 Health

As most have probably heard by now, the new iOS 8 software update for Apple products is out. With it comes a variety of new features, including the highly anticipated Health app. But what exactly can you expect from it? This app was designed to give users a more convenient way to track their health…
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Study finds that Healthcare Cyber Security is Worse than Retailers’

Big name retailers like eBay and Target have been under fire for cyber security breaches. More than 145 million eBay users’ accounts were left vulnerable when the company discovered that hackers had access to login email addresses, personal addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth.Target’s security breach included 40 million credit card numbers and 70…
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