Benefits of Remote Working

Freelancer working from home and playing with his dog

Remote working is a positive effect of technology on working methods. Benefits of remote working accrue both to the organization and the employee who has the freedom and independence to work away from the office.

With the future of work being the catchphrase of office design these days, many organizations have no qualms about letting their workforce work and deliver remotely.

In addition, there are numerous reasons and advantages to letting people work remotely.

Here are some of the benefits of remote working.

1. No Commute

Commuting to and from work is one of the most hated parts of a working day. Most workers look forward to weekends as they get to sleep in and if they need to leave the house. There are fewer people on the roads and therefore it takes less time to get where they are going.

When working remotely, one gets to cut out their commute from their schedule and can sleep a bit longer and be well rested when they start working. Without the commute, one is also able to work longer hours and be more productive.

2. Increased Productivity

Offices often have numerous distractions that affect people’s productivity and quality of work produced.

Distractions such as departmental meetings, colleagues’ banter, breaks, and other location-specific distractions are avoided when working remotely. This leads to increased productivity and high-quality output of work.

3. Work From Anywhere

This is the greatest benefit of remote working. Remote working does not limit workers to the office setting. As a result, one can be creative about their working location and can select locations in which they can be most creative and productive to work from.

One can choose to work at home, at a coffee shop or any other place they feel that they can work best from.

4. Reduced Costs

Organizations with remote workers do not need to incur expenses on rent. With better use of technology and the internet, organizations are now interacting in virtual office spaces and getting more work done than when everyone is in the same office.

5. Increased Employee Retention

We have all heard or come across people who left their jobs or did not take up new jobs due to the distance it would put between them and their families or roots. With remote working, this becomes a problem of the past.

Employers can tap experienced people to work with them irrespective of whichever part of the world they are in. Remote employees are also able to work and stay close to their family as a result of this arrangement.

6. Access to Large Talent Base

Remote working has provided employers the means to access talent that they may require from all over the world. If the potential employee has a reliable internet connection, they can communicate and deliver as expected by their employers.


Remote working offers other numerous benefits to workers and employers and as technology continues to advance, it will become more prevalent and will be the most popular method of work.