What to Expect from iOS 8 Health

Scheduling-&-Appointment-Reminder-SoftwareAs most have probably heard by now, the new iOS 8 software update for Apple products is out. With it comes a variety of new features, including the highly anticipated Health app. But what exactly can you expect from it?

This app was designed to give users a more convenient way to track their health statistics. Now, all of their health and fitness apps work together and document cholesterol, calories burned, weight, heart rate, allergies and more. Additionally, Apple users can create emergency information cards that are accessible from the iPhone or iPad’s lock screen.

With Health, you can determine what information you want to share with your doctor. For example, you can share data from your blood pressure app directly with your doctor. You can also set up your fitness apps to “tell” your nutrition apps how many calories you burned that day so the app can re-calculate your nutrition goals for the day.

Although Health was designed to enhance overall diet, exercise and health plans, it is still important for you to read over all of your apps’ privacy settings. You can pick and choose what to share, but just double check to make sure your information will only be accessible by you.