Why Healthcare Practices Should Choose the Cloud

cloud computingCloud computing has become a hot topic in the tech world, but how does it apply to healthcare? There is a variety of advantages businesses gain from implementing cloud solutions, including backup disaster recovery and unlimited access to new programs. In the healthcare industry, patients can now track their own blood pressure, calories and heart rate through various apps that are connected to the cloud so their doctors have access to the data. When it comes your practice, you should consider the following when deciding whether or not the cloud is for you (hint: it is!):

Security Features

Most skeptics of cloud computing are concerned about security. However, with a qualified IT provider, security won’t be an issue. There are many options for cloud computing (like public, private and hybrid) so you’ll be able to specify what information can be accessed by which staff members.

Electronic Health and Medical Records

Ensuring that medical records are safe takes top priority in the healthcare industry. Again, with the right cloud provider your EHRs and EMRs will be secure. Additionally, recent changes to HIPAA and regulations are pushing the industry to storage, collaboration and sharing in the cloud.

Backup Disaster Recovery

As mentioned above, one of the major advantages to cloud storage is always having your information backed up. What if you get into your office to find it’s been flooded? Or a staff member accidentally deletes an important file? With the cloud, you’ll always be able to retrieve your files in case of an emergency.

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